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Prevention and Cleaning

Routine brushing twice a day for  2 minutes and daily flossing at home is important for your dental health. In addition, professional cleanings at least every 6 months will remove touch build up and stains. We will provide customized oral hygiene instruction so that your mouth is in its optimal health.



Most often people are unaware that they have a cavity. Often the decay can be fixed with a dental filling. We provide both white fillings and silver fillings. If the decay extends to the nerve, other procedures may be necessary. Deeper fillings can be sensitive for some time after the procedure.



We love treating children at our office. Children should be examined as early as year 1 so we can help provide oral hygiene instruction, monitor growth and development, and take care of problems early before it becomes a major problem.



Our office offers a full line of in office and home bleaching options. Our doctors are also trained to provide a range of cosmetic procedures including; bonding-reshaping the tooth, veneers- new face of porcelain for the tooth, crowns- a helmet of porcelain for the tooth, and full mouth rehabilitation.

Crowns and Bridges


and Bridges

Crowns can be thought of as a tooth helmet. It provides full coverage for a tooth that is weak, has large chips, or large failing fillings. Crowns can improve the color, shape, and bite of the existing tooth. Multiple crowns can be linked together to form a bridge and replace missing teeth as well as support the jaw. Crowns and bridges are cemented to natural teeth and are not removed.

Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

While permanent teeth should provide a lifetime of function, it doesn't always end up that way. Even one missing tooth may disrupt the complex function of chewing and possibly result is a multitude of other issues including leaning, shifting, wear and cracking from excessive forces which create escalating problems. Several options of tooth replacement are available to you at our office including dental implants. Dental implants often give you the best opportunity to enjoy normal chewing and a full smile. Other options include bridges, partial dentures, dentures, and implant supported full or partial dentures. 


Extractions and preservation

Despite our best intentions and efforts, teeth sometimes need to be removed. Regardless of the situation this minor surgical procedure can be brought together in a way that considers your short and long-term concerns. From anxiety control to planning for tooth replacement, we'll factor in every aspect of your case.

Oral appliances

We are trained to provide a full range of appliances including sports mouth guards, night guard grinding prevention appliances, TMJ therapy guards, oral sleep apnea appliances. Appliances are used to protect your teeth, improve your sleep, and revitalize your health.

Oral Appliances


Straighten you teeth and improve the longevity of your smile with a virtually invisible solution. Using a series of clear removable aligners, Invisalign® treatment gradually moves your teeth towards the smile you have always wanted. And, almost no one will know you're wearing them.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal Therapy

Despite the common belief that a root canal is a painful procedure, most patients report the procedure to be no more painful that other dental procedures. A root canal involves a deep cleaning of the inside of the tooth in order to remove the bacteria and dead nerve tissue. Teeth may need a root canal if there has been damage to the dental pulp which is made of nerves and blood vessels. The dental pulp may become damaged as a result of decay, cracks, large chips, trauma or repeated dental procedures. Timely treatment is required to avoid complications such as bone loss, root fractures, or extensive infection.


People who are uncomfortable in the dental chair, have a strong gag reflex, or are in need of extensive treatment, can be helped with sedation. Our doctors have advanced training to provide you multiple sedation options. We offer options to adults and children including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to conscious sedation. After a full evaluation we can help determine what level of sedation is best for you.



Our doctors are committed to investing in cutting edge technology to bring you less invasive and more comfortable dental care. We utilize all digital x-rays which offer an instant and much lower radiation picture without compromising detail. A soft tissue laser can reduce sensitivity, recontour gum tissue, limit cold sores, and be used for some biopsies with greatly reduced post op discomfort. We also have a digital scanner which replaces dental impressions for more comfortable, gag free and goop free visits.

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